Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Death is here to stay

Death, the only thing we avoid talking about, yet is the one thing we can be sure will happen to us. why is she talking about death? you ask. Just a couple of days ago one of my best friends friends passed away in a car accident. while i did not know her and have never even seen her my heart went out to her family and i felt a sadness overcome me. we usually associate death with old age and disease but we don't want to think about death coming suddenly and to people in the prime of their life. it just doesn't happen! but it does. i couldn't help wondering what if it was me? did she know that that car ride was going to be the cause of her death? that this was the last she would see of this earth. Did she prepare for her hereafter? was she ready to meet her creator? all these questions wander through my mind, and my heart fills with fear, not necessarily because of the fact that i will someday also die but more of the thought if i had prepared enough in this life to help me in the hereafter. the sudden realization of the meaning of the word " eternity" dawned on me that i almost chocked. An eternity in hell, would i be able to endure an "eternity" of that, no matter how much the phrase " all the cool people hang out in hell" is repeated, won't make a difference of the reality of the situation then. May my friends friend rest in peace, and may God bless her family with patience.

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