Saturday, April 18, 2009

Last day of skool!!... yes that was today.

So it happens that today was my last day of exams. It still hasn't registered yet! for some reason i just can't get it into my head that the year is already over, and that I'm officially a second year student-skipping a few minor details here and there- but, nonetheless second year. what this means is that i will be going to NC during the summer and i hate it over there, have i mentioned that i hate NC???

So as a sort of celebration after the exam ( my friend and I) decided to go walk by the riverside and picnic since its like two steps away from university, we get there and the weather was beautiful, sunny with a side dish of a little breeze. we walked and walked, until eventually we made our way to downtown and it was amazing since it looked like Egypt minus the crowd, and dirt. It was all perfect until i got home and took my sunglasses off in front of the mirror. My nose was tomato red. Of all the things the Sun decided to scorch, it picked my nose!!! now i look like a clown, a pathetic attempt at it at least.

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