Friday, April 24, 2009

I don't really have a title.

I am sitting here minding my own business when my little sister Aka the bird terrorist comes and decides to integrate me. Now this girl is not like any three year old walking around, looks can be deceiving as they say. this girl is like a mini Aunti, kala or whatever you wanna call her, in short she has the eye-rolling, hand movements of the kala's/aunties association down. needless to say she is very intimidating. so like i said I'm sitting there on my laptop laughing at something and unaware of anything when the little bird terrorist comes up and screams in my face " why are you laughing at him?" I look up blink a couple of times to see her standing there hands on hips. Behind her stood my brother who i should mention is two years older than her!

"Don't laugh at Omar" she yelled and proceeded to hit me, then with satisfaction she goes back to my brother with a wide smile on her face.

He grabs her ear and from where I'm sitting i could hear him whisper to her " why didn't you eat her?"

her reply " EAT HER??"

" but she's too big!"

I'm still sitting here with my mouth wide open

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