Sunday, April 26, 2009

be on the lookout

I really have nothing to talk about, I just came back from swimming and walking around by the riverside. seriously, it is the one of the most beautiful views; the reflection of lights on water and the tall buildings lining the horizon are just breathtaking. On a another note I've been freaking out since I've heard about the swine flu breaking out and whatnot I've become more paranoid than i already am. first off I've got this cold and I'm sneezing 24/7, one of the symptoms of the flu; secondly, I'm heading off to North Carolina in a couple of days so if i don't yet have it I'm sure to get it over there where the second largest population of Mexican people reside( i made that fact up) but heck it seems like Mexican headquarters to me. ya so umm I'm gonna go pack the rest of my stuff and go buy me some masks

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