Monday, April 20, 2009

Efta7y edek إفتحي إيدك ...Open ur hands

I remember my first day in an Egyptian school. I had just come back from the USA, and i barely knew any Arabic much the less writing it. It was a whole new experience and not necessarily a pleasant one. It was many firsts for me. First time wearing a uniform, first time in an Egyptian school, first time to get hit on my hand, and by a teacher. I still remember being scared shitless, i think i almost wet my pants( dress) whatever! i was accustomed to being the teacher's pet, and i didn't really understand why the teacher would get so mad that my Arabic handwriting wasn't on the line that it'd make her break a ruler on my hand.

When my parents heard about this they were of course not happy, so the next day i proceeded to go to school with my parents who gave the teacher ( Ms. Mofeeda) a piece of their mind. Her excuse " well, you should have told me she came from America" Wat!!! so i only get speciel treatment cause i lived in the US! not to mention that hitting in schools is against the law, but what do teachers care about that, only time those long sticks disappear is when the hear that someone is coming to check on the school, and subhanallah just like that flowers are placed at every corner, carpets are rolled out, and sticks disappear.

Its probably different now, i remember a couple of years later standing up to a teacher and refusing to open my hands since i didn't do anything to be punished for and i blankly told him it was against the law, my punishment was standing in front of the classroom for the whole day. We had a teacher one time who cursed a student by his father's name " ybn el..." bad move, the kid picked up the teacher from the front of his shirt and dangled him over the side of the three story building. What a sight!! as entertaining as that was, it's kind of sad to see teachers have little to no respect in Egypt, but then again who's fault is it really?

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