Tuesday, September 29, 2009

what do i do?

So what do you do if you find out that one of your bestfriends has decided to take her hijab off? How do you talk to her? keeping in mind that she knows that its a requirment!

I don't know why i've been seeeing a lot of girls lately take their hijabs off. while they wear hijab they'll be the talkers about how hijab is a protection and basiclly all the talk surrounding why wear hijab. after taking it off, i'm pretty sure it's still the same, so why do something going against all you preached and your beliefs, more importantly against what God ordered, just so you can fit in? i honestly truely don't understand.


  1. Well... I'm in ur same place here, Thanks god none of my really close friends did so, bas i've been seeing this syndrom around recently, and i figured out that they mostly say one sentence:"Asl ana 7asseit en ana mab2etsh balbeso 3ashan rabena laken 3ashan el nas"!!!
    So.. Ok...What's the Efffing?!
    I've never really tried to like beg someone to think it again, because it takes alot of thinking-already- to take an action, and more than that to actually tell everyone. So I try to put them infront of the Logical answer:
    "Well.. so instead of fixing the wrong feeling that u had, you decided to do a whole other even worst action!.. It's like having a toe that hurts u, instead of curing it, u decided to cut it off! Is that The Logical Reaction that we as muslims are supposed to base our actions upon?!" and then i try to let them think of it from an outer body POV, Like seeing themselves from another POV!
    I Hope that could help u wid ur pal, coz i wasn't close enough for those of mine who decided to "cut off their toes" :)

  2. Thanks Radwa, yah if they take a look at it from the outside it really makes no sense! hopefully i get the chance to talk with her soon and inshallah she goes back better than before :D