Thursday, October 8, 2009

I can never think of a clever enough Title for my posts so this will have to do

Finallly!! this week is over, well for me at least since i have no friday classes. Thank Allah i'm done with two mid-terms. hopefully inshallah i did good in them, i never know with these things. I've got Amnesty International planning to do since I'm the president this year for the group at our university, and me and a friend made a goal to memorize the whole quran by 2012, all you guys will be invited to the party if i ever get that goal down ia :D we'll see how that goes. so what's going on with people's lives?


  1. Masha allah! You go girl! And if you do reach your goal I am so coming to the party ;o)

    Me, I've just been working, blogging, working, designing, working, a bit more blogging. I think I may be addicted to blogging...

  2. haha ya i probably should try reaching my goal first before plannin the party or then it will be " come to my almost memorizing the quran" party.

    can't wait to see more of your beautiful designs, mashallah you've got talent!