Thursday, September 10, 2009

2nd Year here i come

I just started my classes today and i can't really believe that it's my second year in university. It only dawned on me the other day that i was growing older and into adulthood (or close to it at least) when i met some of my old friends way back when i used to live in EGypt when i was in Elementary school. when i saw their pictures I was like Ya Allah! they looked well, like adults and one was engaged and they're going to their 3rd year of university already ( I'm one yr behind). It feels just like yesterday that i was a freshman in high school and looking in awe at the seniors at my school. they were so old, smart, and mature( OK maybe not mature) but that's what i thought at least. now when i look back and see seniors in high school they look nothing more than teenagers who really are just kids transforming into adult bodies. look at me, i sound like this middle aged women looking back at her years of youth when I'm only like a year or two older than them. ahh

it's just that i can't help it, time really flies by so fast that before you realise you're in the present you've already reached that future. if that makes any sense.


  1. Don't worry, I feel exactly the same! I always used to think the seniors were so much older and mature and cooler! Now I just feel old (& I'm only 24!!) ;o)

  2. ya, at 19 i feel like 20 is gonna turn me into a grumpy old person no more teenage years lol