Sunday, September 27, 2009

busy as a bee

Ok if i said nothing was going on with my life i'de be lying. I've been working on a paper for a couple of days now and thank God i turned it in last night. I'm not even sure how i got a 4-page paper done on mapping. yes mapping. Also last friday i flew in to North Carolina where i'm spending a week which means missing a week of classes which gives me a heart attack because thats the type of girl i am and wow that was one long sentence. I also have a mid-term coming up soon so yay for me. then i'm going through this thing where I'm not sure if i should stick with my major anymore. I want to do Enviromental Studies but sadly i can't do a double major with it. so its either this or that. ughhh making choices is hard.

P.S for those asking me about the abayas i use western unioun and pay pal as a method and the prices of the abayas range from $32USD-$40USD,wearing abayas shouldn't cost anyone a fortune. I'm also planning to get some more pics up of skirts and diff. designs. so bear with me here :D

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