Monday, September 14, 2009


So last night i go to taraweeh prayer and i'm standing there next a lady. we go down for sojood and while coming up she accidentally hits my behind, now it would have been ok if she had just let it go but no. her way of saying "opps, sorry" was patting me on the behind and then because that wasn't awkward enough she tried passing it off as trying to pull my foot closer to hers, (while still patting my butt) now i dunno about you but that kinda distracts from prayer.


  1. OOoookk.. dats... Awkward! wiered n scary!! But look at the sarcastic side.. u've been hit a Lez.. during the ramadan!!... I'm Laughing hehehe...
    Ehm.. but I know the moment wasn't funny at all!!
    I suggest enek law modtara trou7i trou7i bas law la2eteeha 5odi ba3dek we sali fe betko ya man... 3ashan fe nas momken tefteker enek lama te avoid them.. enek ur playin hard to get!
    Hope it's a good advice!

  2. Perfect example of why we don't pray next to men.

  3. Oh wow, random. Never had anything as wierd as that happen at the mosque before!

  4. lool radwa the lady's like 50 i don't think she meant it but it was just awkward u kno :p i love how u put the arabi w the englizy
    "... sali fe betko ya man " haha

    Stephnie so true, just imagine

    Alysha with bout 20, 000 ppl in our community something weird/awkward is bound to happen :P