Sunday, September 20, 2009

Eid, Timmies and life

EId mubarak ladies!! hope it was all good inshallah. So the other day i was with a friend and she goes "can't wait,I'm gonna be able to listen to music again" !!! seriously? if you believe something is haraam your gonna stop doing it in Ramadan but then start again afterwards? isn't the God of Ramadan the same one out of Ramadan! well anywho thats just a little something that irks me. people stopping something in Ramadan but then thinking it's totally fine when you start doing it afterwards.

On the plus side though i can now drink all the icecaps i want. today first thing i did even before the eid prayer i went to the nearest Timmie's and ordered one

If you havn't had one of these, you're missing out on life. JK but if you're in ever in canada, God knows why! try one of these


  1. Ordered an Ice Cap right after school :) lol love it :D

  2. oh yes, theyre awesome :D

    was it ur first time?