Friday, January 1, 2010

New year, new resolutions!!

Salams and peace ya'll.
can't believe it's been a year since i've started this blog. I can't remember the exact reason of why i started this blog but i think one was for it to serve as an outlet for myself. a place where i can post whatever and whenever. Although i haven't been keeping up with it as much as i should and i can't promise that i will either. it has helped me and i've met some amazing and talented bloggers through it. so can't say i'm not happy. speaking of which, does anyone do the new year resolutions thing? personally, new years is a time for me to be all depressed about the year that passed and me wasting it and not doing anything of much importance. I don't even remember any of my last year resolutions but i know somewhere i have a paper laying with 50 goals that i want to achieve before i turn 25. let's just say i only got one of them achieved, i started praying my sunnah prayers. so i guess that's not all that bad.

During this last year
i've launched my business
I finally got my long overdue car license
i've memorized 2 surahs, which isn't much considering i had a whole year!
i finished my first year of university...
yay for procrastination.

by this time next year

I hope to have written a book or the rough draft of it at least
preformed some spoken word poetry
memorized 5 surahs

...i can hope hey! don't judge
my new years started 15 days ago. Have a blessed year ya'll

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