Wednesday, January 13, 2010

childhood memories

It is those days spent in summer as a kid selling lemonade on the sidewalk, splashing in the sprinklers and riding bikes with friends that make you miss those long gone summers. sometimes it's even the smaller things that you didn't pay any attention to that suddenly remind you of how much you miss being a kid.
The other day for example, i was laying in bed waiting for sleep to kick in when i heard my dads footsteps along the hall going into my younger siblings room and covering them up. when i was younger i would pretend to be asleep and wait for my dad to come make sure my blanket was covering me and then give me a kiss on the forehead. I thought that was the sweetest thing a father could do, it was the ultimate show of parental love. I'm not sure when my dad stopped tucking me in but i guess i grew too old for such a thing and its those little things that remind of my childhood sometimes and make me miss it.

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