Monday, January 25, 2010

An Illusion of sorts

I'm taking an Arabic course and the first thing we talk about in the class, why Arabs aren't united. we talk, debate, and examine. As if it is us that will solve the problem of Arab unity and organize the people into something more humane. Then it moves onto love, the taboo of all taboos. A point is made, one that i wholeheartedly believe in, but could never find the right words for. Some Arab men claim Modernity or Arab people in generel, we'll claim modernity but it's only a face. we'll have the new cars but no no traffic or sense of traffic organization whatsoever. we try immitating the west, it's now modernity to have the bars, and clubs but we lack the basic repsect for each other and our women. We refuse to give our women equel rights and look at them as second class citizens,despite Their God endowed rights. This is the facade of modernity, the illusion that many live in.


  1. Uh... This was the exact feeling i got when i was in UK, this I will, and i inshallah Could make things better, make my nation, my Belief, this Purely Coexist, positive muslim feeling, I Miss this feeling, seriously! But i try to move this ideology to Egypt, I considered myself previleged that i travelled sum day, and i thought instead of whining about wanting to go back 2 UK, I will transform what i taught to my co-workers n friends, and i found friends who passed throught the same exprience and have the same ideology! It is really cool, and gives me a gr8 motivation!:)

  2. Same thoughts! i'm always like if i ever move to egypt i want to be able to make a difference but i keep forgetting that i'm privliged to be living here and what difference am i making. sometimes we need to stop the "what ifs" and think of the now. so are you doing anything in particular to help with our problems in Egypt?