Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Where are we? ohh and we're out of gas!!

Groggily i woke up and asked " Are we there yet?"
my mom had a worried look on her face and i could see her mouth moving with prayers.

"what? whats wrong?" i said fully awake now

"We ran out of gas, and all the gas stations we're passing are closed" she said
"AGAIN?" i exclaimed

If you remember, this happened to us before when my mom stopped in this small freaky town that reminded me of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre movie. It seemed like we were always running out of gas.

So there we were, in the middle of the night and in the middle of nowhere, with a flashing gas light,surrounded by trees, no other cars in sight and as it turns out, none of our phones had signal.

The GPS told us that the next gas station was 6 miles down. The car didn't seem like it was gonna go that far but we decided to take the risk anyway.

While my mom was freaking out and telling us "ed3o ed3o" I was thinking how really this is beautiful. think of it. the middle of nowhere and God wanted to hear our voices in prayer. ahh it really did put me in awe

well of course right when we got out of our little mishap, it was labeled an "adventure" instead :P


  1. haha... Ur reaction to the tough situation reminds me of the Dorothy Koomson attitude sumtimes:D U Gotta read for this Gal SHE IS A WOW!
    and by the way I'm writing to u n hearing all these ppl outside in the streets bumping da horns of der carz after we, wait.. KICKED ASS in the match:D

  2. is that an authorr?? ahhhh i soo wish i was in Egypt right noww i'm soo jelous ( in a good way :P)