Monday, December 28, 2009

I'm so spontaneous i didn't even know how this post was going to end.

Friend: ok, so it's set. we're gonna drag race to Mexico

Me:sounds good to me!, but don't you think eating ice cream for breakfast, lunch and dinner would be a better idea?

Friend: yaa that sounds good too.

Me: umm are we allowed to plan being spontaneous or are there rules against that? cause I just planned on going to the mall and piercing my lower lip!!!

the following was part of the conversation my friend and i were having, and that was our attempt at being spontaneous. I seriously wish i could on the spur of the moment think of something and do it, or pack up and just go. if it wasn't for the fact that i live with my parents maybe i would have been able to do that. I seriously need someone in my life who is like that. Ya, thinking and planning ahead of time is good but what a boring way to live. and for real, can you plan your spontaneous moves? ahh i suck at this.

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