Monday, January 19, 2009

we are family!

My little brother is one spoiled child and by that, I mean that if he has to repeat himself more than once in a request he’ll start crying and by THAT I mean like you’ll really feel like you’ve wronged him and cut off one of his toes or something. On one of those occasions where he did not get what he wanted he started screaming,” I hate this family, I don’t want you guys here” I have no idea where he got that from because I certainly do not say it in front of him. I might think it at times like any other kid out there, but if you know one thing you know not to say such things out loud in front of my parents! Well everything stopped and the little kid got my parents attention alright, the kind he didn’t want. I sat there thinking how brave he was to have said that out loud, either that or very stupid. Probably the latter. Don’t get me wrong, I love my parents. I’m probably not the person to show it. I have this knack to always argue with them, smirks just creep up my face all the time, not doing what they asked me to do, but at the end of the day I’m an 18 year old teenager, and what 18 year old in their right mind acts right. It’s like this one time I decided to do something nice for my mom and do the dishes and from then on they thought it was an obligation for me to do it. I hate doing the dishes. You might think these two things aren’t related, ohh but they are. Let me explain, if you’re always acting like such an angel ( like my sister AKA angelic one) when and if you do something wrong you really get it, and also your parents expect of you to always act that way. I’m really a good kid, really I am! I don’t smoke, go clubbing, drink, have a boyfriend, get good grades, and I’m even a human rights activist, I’m mature for my age, if I say so myself. Ok enough of the whole ego thing; I’m just your typical Muslim girl next door neighbor, however typical that is. The one that was sent to her room because she burst out laughing when her brother told the parents he hated them. Yah I know, I get it from my brother!

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