Saturday, January 10, 2009

Cardigans for everyone

Once upon a time, Some while ago, it was very hard for me to find clothes that i could wear, especially that i am a hijabie but recently luck has been on my and every hijabies side. with the fashion of maxi dresses, wide leg pants, cardigans, scarfs, it's like a hijabie heaven! Not long ago i went to Kohls and lo and behold they had cardigans everywhere and i mean everywhere, of every color and brand. World i did not hold back! i mean i started collecting these things and throwing them on board ( They were on sale) until i realised that i probably couldn't buy all of them, it would have financially ruined me, not that i'm too far away from that anyways.

( Images from Delia's and Alloys)

My best friend made me realize not too long ago that cardigans are life savers and look great with almost everything and i mean this chick makes anything she wears look great anyways. A tip for any Hijabie, Cardigans solve the whole maxidress undershirt problem for the few who feel that they're too tight, cardigans are wider, still lookin good, and leave room to breathe! Although these looks arent hijabie friendly, one gets the drift ( i hope) so go out there and cardigan away!!

Please World do not forget to keep Gaza and all the palestinians in your prayers!!

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