Tuesday, January 13, 2009

No i'm not Indian, and that red dot is just a zit!

I have just returned from my prolonged winter break in the US and I am actually happy to be starting university again. Usually the hours driving to and from our destinations are the most dreaded since we drive about 13 hours (yes that made me flinch too) to get to where it is we want to go! This time around, things were somewhat different. It was still boring, that part did not change much. but this time my mom was driving and if you know my mother you know that she does not drive highway. So driving 13 hours was, well, scary! At one point when we were low on gas, a couple minutes after crossing to the West Virginia border my mom started looking for a rest area, and since she was Really low on fuel-I mean the car a couple more minutes and it would have stopped- went to the first thing that came her way, which happened to be a little town. or so we thought. We went into this town and I started having flashbacks to the movie Texas Chainsaw Massacre. I mean this town had these little houses all next to each other; they were old peeling, and fading. The first gas station we came across was all bordered up and closed. (This is when I really started worrying). The people we did come across were all staring as if we were some type of aliens. Yes, well maybe I looked a little different, and ok yea I covered my hair… but so do nuns; I could have been one who just happened to stop for fuel. Anyways back to the story. So we finally find a gas station and as my mom started filling up I went inside to go pee, come out, and leave this town in the least amount of time. As I was coming out my little brother got distracted by the wide array of displayed junk food, I go along and as I am standing at the counter a woman and her husband come up behind me and say hi. In my mind, I am still running over the scenes from Texas Chainsaw massacre and all other movies involving freaky looking towns and townspeople. This is how the conversation goes:

Man: well my wife here was saying where is she from and I said India
Me: ohh no actually I’m Egyptian
Woman: really!! Well welcome to our country
Me: * smiles* Thanks (did I mention that I’ve lived here for like 9 years)
Man: One of my good friends here, he is Indian
Woman: yea his wife has that little red dot in the middle of her forehead
Me ( in my mind): WAT!! My pimple is not that big!!!
Me ( out loud): ohh well I think that involves their culture or religion maybe
Man&Woman: ohhhh
Man: pointing to my brother: well is that your little one
Me: noooo noo that’s my little brother, Say hi buddy
Brother: hi :p
Man: Give me five!
Brother proceeds to give him five
Woman: where did he learn that!
Me: ummm ( wat? How do you learn a high five) school I think!
Woman: that is cool
Me: smiles
Woman: Woowww that’s a pretty ring you have on
Me: thank youuuu
Man: yea that’s really nice
Me: thanks again (awkward)

Sweet people. They really were. I’m just not exactly sure what they thought they were going to get out of me, but Ok! :D

I got back in the car and we drove out of the town with a sign of relief at the edge of the town there was a man standing near the road trying to hitchhike a ride. Things I’ve only read about in books I now had confirmed. Little towns and people that hitchhiked existed!! I now saw life in a whole new different manner J

No really, the moral of the story is never to let your gas get low that you have to stop at towns that remind you of Texas chainsaw massacre!


  1. Haha, Hagar, entertaining post and I know exactly what you mean...we once stopped off at a small town called Snowshoe, Pennsylvania, and it looked like it was straight out of a horror movie. This is Shimaa, btw. :)

  2. haha woww, it really did. i thought we were gonners because everyone was staring in such a way like never before. :d but snowshoe?? interesting!!