Thursday, January 22, 2009

for my grand-grand children !

I woke up one day after MLK day, two days after Israel stopped bombing innocent Palestinians, a historic moment, and with any luck millions around the world were witnessing the changing moment too. It is the day of Obama’s Inauguration. Since I couldn’t possibly make it to DC, I was sitting on my bed 8:00 a.m!! ( ya it kinda shocked me too) trying to watch the inauguration. I forgot to say that being near blind is also one of my great attributes. At least that is how it seems when I’ve just woken up and am with no contacts in my eyes.

After what seemed like a month and 2 days of contemplating the idea of putting on my contacts or not, I separated myself momentarily from the laptop to go and put my contacts on, I put one in and then the voices in my laptop told me that Obama was going to do his swear-in. I made the not so wise decision to close that eye because I was not going to miss any part of the inauguration. What would I tell my grand-grand children! I watched the whole thing and I even started appreciating the fact that I was not out there in the cold, freezing my ass off! By the end of it I had to manually open the eye that I had shut, make it back to the bathroom and put the darn thing in there!

At least now, I know what I would tell my grand- grand children about that day!
“The view was great kids, it was just great!”

On a good note there were no fights with Hillary, or Bush for the matter ( even though in front of the whole world he basically told that he screwed up...bad!!)

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