Thursday, January 8, 2009

New Year...Same Old!!

With a beginning of a new year ( 2009 in case someone forgot) it came to me in one of my moments of genius, that i should start a blog which could later on help me when ( and if) i decide to write a novel! and not to mention let me rant on to total strangers about anything. Of course it took me a while to actually get started but here i am on the 8th day of January 2009 writing my first post of this blog here.

Something that i feel strongly enough to talk about is the Gaza crisis occurring right now in Palestine. perhaps not the most optimistic thing for a new year or the best to start a blog with, but it is a fact of life, and unfortunately it is occurring while the world does nothing Turing its back to all that is happening. If you do not know what it is I am ranting about let me fill you up with some of the basic facts. On December 27th , 2008, Israel launched a series of attacks on the strip of Gaza where a population of several million Palestinians are condensed together on this small strip of land. On the first day of these attacks Israel killed about 200 people and wounded about a thousand others. They claimed that these attacks were in self-defense against " Hamas" : a Palestinian militant group fighting for Palestinian nationality and elected by the people in 2005. The Israeli side of the story would have been more realistic if they had put some facts into consideration. For the last 18 months Israel has closed all borders around Gaza barely allowing any food, water, medical supplies, etc. through. Barely anyone was allowed through the checkpoints and to the other side even though most of Palestinians worked on Israeli land, this left more than 50% jobless. It was everything a jail was save the name. Now in about a week Israel has killed more than 700, 765 to be more exact, (including more than 230 children and 100 women) they have left about 3100 CIVILIANS injured, some even in critical conditions and with no medical supplies. Israel has not only stopped at that but has demolished houses, schools, places of worship even hospitals. As a result of this blockade people have not been able to flee by land, air, or sea. we are in the 21st century and yet again history is repeating itself with such atrocities as these. What is going on right now gives us a chill reminder of what happened in Rwanda, Bosnia, South Africa, and the Holocaust, 765:4 is hardly blameworthy.
and us standing watching and doing nothing about what is going on makes us part of the horrific actions taking place, and if at least you are not or cannot contribute to the Palestinian cause you can at least stop help funding the Israeli one, one way that you can do that is buy not buying these products that fund Israel.

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