Saturday, February 5, 2011

We get it, it's an African thing

I might have been shouting speaking on the phone a bit too loudly, talking in Arabic and telling my friend anti-Mubarak/pro-freedom slogans which she could put on signs for the protest we were heading to. Now to think of it, it was probably not a pleasant experience for the girl sitting at the desk next to me. Anyhow, i finish the phone call to get into the following conversation

Random Guy: how are things looking in Egypt?
Me: the same, people still in the streets, Mubarak still president
RG: that's crazy, he just won't budge
Me: ya, 30 years and he thinks he's going to change things now
RG: May God be with them
Me: Ameen, where are you from?
RG: Tunisia
Me: and congratulations to you guys!

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