Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Day Twenty...and i'd like to travel to...

these posts make me take very hard choices.

I'm a traveler, i love to travel and it's not easy to just pick one place. can i pick a couple? pweeze?

I'd love to go to Spain. Part of my ancestry goes back to Spain. The story goes that When Islam came to Spain they became Muslim but when King Ferdinand(sp?) and Queen Isabella kicked the Muslims and the Jews out they fled to...Egypt! families met, a few generations later after the unity of Spain and Turkey we get me! and there i was thinking Cleopatra was my great great great greaaaaat something.

so naturallly....

I also want to visit Turkey.

oh and Greece has been my first travel to place on my list since i was a weeee little kid, I've always  imagined myself walking around barefoot in a white dress around these houses

p.s I will not mention Italy, Scotland, UK, Malaysia, Sri lanka, South Korea, or Japan :)

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  1. really good place! I live here, in Spain and I recomend you to come :)