Friday, February 4, 2011

Day Twenty-Two...I wish i was better at

My writing. Sometimes you have all these emotions welled up inside you and you hear someone say something that screams out THATS WHAT I"M FEELING!!! I wish i could break-down my feelings like that, write my emotions out on paper, do it with eloquence, have someone read it and say " this couldn't have been said any better" I wish i had writing that explained life, its ins, outs, and everything in between. I wish i had writing that opened your imagination into the unimaginable and made you see things that are only seen in dreams.  I wish my writing made words come alive on the page ...literally. I want to Inspire!


  1. I like writing so much! :) and when I have time this is what i do :)

  2. yess, writing is like forever saving a part of your memory in history, unless you write it on ur computer and everthing gets deleted of course :p