Monday, December 27, 2010

Totally Awkward moments

Some guy just had to propose to me

not once but twice.
If it wasn't awkward enough getting the what do you think talk from my mom, i got it from my lovely dad.

I know my parents were against it, like not even considering it because the guy was like in his 30's eek! so the last couple of days went something along the lines of

Dad to Brother: so you ate out? where at?
Brother: Umm Hobbes* food place
Dad: Whatt!!! Why didn't you go to Aristotle's* food place ( looks at mee and bursts out laughing)
Me: Horrified look on face
Mom: chuckles

this went on several times, and then yesterday my dad comes in my room and goes
"OK seriously though i know i've said no but i didn't take your opinion. He's a good guy so what do you th-."

Me: are you kidding me right now? NO NO i already said no.
Dad: OK maybe you don't want to tell me
Me: WHAT!! No, like my answer is not going to change. I can't believe you. Are you trying to get rid of me??
Dad to Mom: I don't know what to make of this. How did you react when i proposed to you
Mom: Propose again and we'll see
Me: OK cute and all but are we done here
Dad: well i just didn't want to not be doing by what the prophet says, he's a good guy and i have to get your opinion. All i want is your happiness and a guy who will take your hand to heaven.
Me: OK well conversation over daddio

* Names have been changed, there are no Hobbes and Aristotle lest you started thinking you knew them.

So after this weekend i truly need me some shopping therapy or any type really, that would work fine.



  1. Well first of all, I'm seriously Gigglin' :D
    Ya3ni kasarti be5ater el ragel, we ba3dein 30's, ya3ni lessa nounou... I'm sorry I dnt mean to joke it off, it's just the comments i tell me mum on the same situations; Real awkward situations fe3lan, walla the before the first dates- which so far was the last ones too- dilemmas with mum of what to wear, and that i gotta stop acting like a dude and start acting like Legally blond as if it's just a button! Uh!

    But they're funny and good experiences though, by the time my mum ended up Trusting my judgments on people! She already knows how work-oholic and Studying lover I am, and how i'm really serious about pursuing my career and study, coz she's like that- the whole house is for that matter- so she knows that what i refuse isn't based on superficial stuff and that's good. After a while we end up laughing when we remember those occasions and how my Bro. Says he'll act if my Future husband upset me or even thought about it, and how i believe in the Spark thing, and that i can't have an arranged marriage, coz it doesn't fit me as a person, but it works for other ppl for sure!:D

    It's great moments infact; but you have to trust your heart and mind; I believe ur wise enuf, and you already know dat.
    Hope you have a Beautiful satisfying life and career.

  2. loool enty da7kteeni @ nonoo. reminds me of this mosalsal if you've seen it 3yza atgwez and the random weird people she meets up with. and ya i've always imagined myself as marrying someone that i was at first friends with because then you know all the positives and negatives and accept those as well while as when its someone proposing everything is prettied over and wat not. In terms of that it works for some, yes i'd have to agree. To each his own i guess. May you have an awesome career and life as well. :D