Thursday, December 23, 2010

As another year passes by

 The end of the year just sneaked up on me! Seriously, all of a sudden it's December and before you know it, it's the year after. I was looking back and seeing if i had achieved anything this year or if i had done anything worth noting and well i did get one of my things on the list of 70 achieved.

9. Donate blood. 

I actually reached the 110 pounds mark to be able to donate blood.wooot!

Even though I'm proud to say that i have finally donated blood, i have done so much more this  last year. I have met people who i can say without hesitation, have changed my life. People that i am blessed to have known. Events that forever i will remember...and smile. I wish i could go and thank everyone of them for being part of my life.

So Thank You God for letting me live another year to meet those amazing people.

Thank You for the knowledge that i have gained.

Thank You for my family and friends

Thank you for my health.

Thank you for letting me look at nature and feel unbound love for it.

Thank you for the laughing, the crying and the confusion

because if anything, it was an indication that i was thinking

and nothing could be greater than thinking, thinking, and knowing

Thank you for the long nights i spent studying

They are the proof that i am able to get an education.

Thank you for the opportunities, for the moments of contemplation

For this heart that keeps beating, living, and loving.

I am truly grateful

<3 Me


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