Saturday, October 30, 2010

Excited about riding the bus...Omg don't call me lame

Riding the bus for the first time, so I'm sitting here, kind of nervous. I know it's only the bus, but I'm still excited. 
Although I'm starting to think maybe its not a good idea anymore. maybe right now was not the best time. Who tries out the bus for their first time on a Sunday night and on the last running bus for the day? getting lost at night, well i guess it could be an adventure. Haha. Not. 
I hope my phone is charged and for the record, I'm wearing some very uncomfortable flip-flops. I better get home tonight all in one piece, just so i don't have to listen to my mom say " I told you so." but then again if i don't come home all in one piece I really don't think my mom will be doing in rubbing in my face, cause that's just not nice. 
 So I'm sitting here at the bus stop, it's been a while i thought the bus would come earlier but i don't mind much. I get to see the sun set and with the fall leaves, It's beautiful. Haven't had time to do that in a while. 
so here comes the bus

Wish me luck!

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