Saturday, October 16, 2010

Dear Political Thinkers Professor, I hate you!

You thought you were so cool, handing us that one sheet of paper, giving us hope that maybe this wouldn't be so hard after all, only to see the instructions saying to write an essay for each of the posed questions.

3 Hours.

On butt-numbing seats. You are so cruel.
I hate you.

Those questions weren't any questions. I fail to see how they even related to the course.
yes, I recognized the Name of Marx, Hobbes, Rousseau, Machiavelli, and Nietzsche in there. That was about all i recognized.

When you told us to make sure we knew how to spell these political thinkers' names, it made me feel that maybe this was a significant tip for the exam, and i took it to heart. oh and did i.

You were there each class at 8:30 in the freakin morning, with your too perky smile and excitement for such a time. and you would talk about Machiavelli like he was your homeboy.

 I totally get that it is necessary for a leader to totally crush their enemy, and that a viper crushed beneath your foot but left alive, will rear up and bite you with a double dose of venom. Machiavelli was the shiznet.

I almost felt a bond with Rousseau when he spoke of the evils of  theater and the mixing of men and women, i almost felt like it was my parents yelling at me, you know.

Marx totally urged me to go and revolution it up in Egypt, Nietzsche cracked me up with his statements of humans being their own God. Cause cotton candy was no human invention. It was purely the work of miracles, angels and all things Godly.

Despite all that, and more you decided to torture us with your nearing on gibberish exam. I came out of there with nightmares. I was scarred for life! It was worse than being made to eat your vegetables while sugarcoating it with mustard. Lots worse.


Your now-corrupted-ex-student


  1. LOL, oh dear. I'm sure you pulled it off much better than I would have. And who knew Rousseau was so Salafi.

  2. Political Science program ? :P Sheesh you are scaring me away from it ahah.

  3. @ stephanie, lol yes i told my dad about his theater stance and he was like mashallah :p

    @ Zimime, don't worry. I love poli sci it really is an awesome program. you do get the odd ( or more) unlikable courses every once in a while :D