Saturday, October 30, 2010

ahhh smells so freshh!!! um that's the sewers.

I wish we could capture smells the way we capture pictures.
you know, if we could pull em up whenever we want and take a whif.

Ahh life would be so much easier. I think i learned somewhere before that the strongest link with memory is the sense of smell. Tell me about it!
I miss Egypt so much to the extent that when i go down this street near university campus with all the restaurants and food vendors the aromas overwhelms me and my mind just turns into time-warp back to Egypt.

If I'm walking and i get a whif of the sewers you can bet you that i'm gonna start missing Egypt ( My mom just told that this is rude to say, and will insult Egyptians... really though if it insults them, who are they kidding! we all know what Cairo smells like.)

The short of the story is...I want to go to Egypt!

The End.

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