Friday, July 9, 2010

Painting Walls at 4:00 A.M

So yesterday I had a friend who wanted to paint her basement, so my sister and i volunteered to help, considering we're such experts we should be awarded the label of interior designers. Our experience goes as far back as painting the Masjid walls, oh and did i mention the Masjid walls?

So anyways, we head over LOWE'S to pick out the colors and that alone took like 40 minutes.

My friend and I wanted to go with a reddish color

her mom was like, over my dead body!

She showed us a light yellow and we told her she might as well tear down the basement.

Finally, we decided on a light pearly pink and a maroonish color and to work it was.
Since it was getting so late we decided to sleepover and pretty much spent the next few hours telling scary stories about jinn and listening to my friend’s mom telling us stories of things she saw with her own eyes when she lived back in Pakistan.
I don't know about others but jinn stories beat Zombie takeovers, Alien attacks, and sparkly vampires combined.

ya'll, my stories wander all over the place but I promise painting the basement and Jinn stories actually ties up

SO anyways my friend’s mom decides to go get some sleep and after a while we decide that we're gonna go and work on the basement since we weren't tired.

In the morning my Friend's mom wakes up and goes to check the basement to see if the colors coordinated and finds a finished wall! She almost got a heart attack thinking some Jinn were in the basement working on the walls in the middle of the night.

Although if you ask me I wouldn't mind pair of handy Djinn like that.I know the house could use some help.

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