Saturday, July 3, 2010

Camping while Egyptian part 1

" Yalla omo wghzo ray7een camping, 7gtkom tekon gahza fe nos sa3a*"

ahh lovely way to wake up. Saba7 elnoor to you too Mama.

seriously, only in my family does a camping trip get decided like that and we get half an hour to get ready? the generosity!

I was not complaining.

" mama where to?"
"ma3rfsh, your father didn't tell me anything"

ok, guess that's fine too.

An hour later my dad comes home and we start listing stuff we might have forgotten.

tent? check.
sleeping bags? yep, got them
lantern? mhm
everyone have their clothes, toothbrushes, and shoes? yeaa

and then the unfortunate happens, we move onto the kitchen. and true to being Egyptian they start packing half the kitchen. Enough to last us the next two month.

"Do we really need the 3 pans? and Omg, mama all this Fooul!! we're only staying like two days"

we were just a 7alet ma7shy* away from being true to our roots of Egyptianese

well, i told myself,If we happen to get lost at least we'll be able to survive.

My dad looked at the guys, looks like we're going to have to head out tommorow, what do you think?

rolling Arab standard time, i think we're pretty accurate.

* get up and get ready, we're going camping
* 7alet ma7shy- An Egyptian dish

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