Tuesday, July 13, 2010

One Japanese husband to go please!

My Birthday's approaching in a couple of days and let me tell you my little brother is far too worried about it more than i am. He thinks that because my mom got married at 20 that means every other person who turns 20 has to get married!! The other day i had the following conversation with him.

LB: so what are you gonna do on your 20th birthday?
Me: ummmm...
LB: are you gonna get married?
Me: huh?
LB: do you want me to build you a house?
Me: no thanks, i'm gonna live in a box
LB: but how are you gonna live with the person you're moving away with
Me: I'm still here!

he leaves for a while then comes back,

LB: didn't you say you loved Sushi?
Me: yea
LB: so you can marry a Japanese guy and he can make u Sushi!

 Good thinking kiddo, Japan and sushi here i come!

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