Sunday, July 11, 2010

Camping while Egyptian part 2

"Ok, so tents go here and here" I say making two marks on the ground.
"Also we better hurry" i say glancing up at the sky, "looks like it’s gonna rain"

My brother takes hold of the bigger tent and goes on to setting it up, while my sister and I pick the other one, pull it out and stand there looking at it.

"I have no idea how to set this up!!" I say looking at the tangled mess.

After what seemed hours of struggling, we finally made what seemed to resemble a blob.

“K, so wanna head to the beach for a while?" my sister asks

We head over the sand dunes and to the most spectacular view. Best of all we had the whole beach to ourselves.

I took a chair, plopped it into the sand and extended my feet into the icy cold water.
We sat there with lightning and thunder in the background, trying to calculate how far off it was.

Now that I think about it, it was probably a not so good idea being wet holding metal fishing poles with lightning in the sky, despite the attractiveness of the combination.

When it started to rain we decided to get back to the tent before we got seriously wet ( only reason was, I didn't want to break my record of not taking showers for the longest time possible...i kid, i promise)

The thunderstorm was like a faucet that would not shut off, best of all one of our tents was not waterproof, so all of us were stuck in the other tent. We called it family bonding time and we did what any other Egyptian family would have done. Played cards!

As we fell asleep, my mom asked from her corner of the tent, “Did anyone actually check the weather?"
Ah small details, they get me every time.

storm approaching

sand dunes

setting up the tent

Chai and fooul( beans)

their catch



  1. beautiful pictures!! looks so serene and happy ♥

  2. Hey deary. I am a female MBA from Karachi, Pakistan. I do write on issues related to religion and need more enlightenment from people like you. Love ur blog outlook and ur cute thoughts.. Best of Luck for ur blogging. I hope we can be mutual followers- if u like my blog?? And don’t forget to comment please !!

  3. Thanks Anya, the place was really serene and beautiful

    catgirl thanks for visiting my blog, and i'll be sure to check out yours :D