Tuesday, February 23, 2010

What if...

I took a deep breath and dived into the icy cold water. first thing to pop in my mind, " i should have take a shower first, this water is freezing!" i came up for air and noticed all eyes on me, It didn't help much knowing that i was the only girl trying out for the swim competitions, and in a boys only school. the joy! In a moments decision i decided that i would swim the whole way with only that first gulp of air i took. It would be no big feat, I've done it several times during competitions and that was how i won. I started my strokes, and kept a mental checklist going. right hand, left. feet, working! i kept my strokes at an even pace, until halfway through i decided that i probably should hurry up if i wanted to keep up with my " no coming up for air" thing.

right hand, left, right hand, left.
finally, i never thought this pool would end.

I took in all the air i could and reached for the nearest towel handed to me.
my gym couch patted me on the back and whispered to me to hurry up and get dressed.
i ran to the guys locker room, and that was probably my best record at taking a shower and getting dressed. it was awkward enough being the only girl trying out in an all boys school, i could imagine how awkward it would be getting caught being in the guy's locker room. i got done, opened the door, looked around and sneaked out of there and ran to sit on the benches. i waited for my coach in anticipation and smiled when i saw her approaching...until i saw the look of disappointment on her face. i raised my eyebrows at her questioningly, " you should have come up for air!" was the first thing she said
"what!!" i exclaimed
" yah, the coach said you should have come up for air, so they're not taking you"
"that makes no sense, did you see how fast i went? that's supposed to be a good thing, not bad!"
"well sorry but now you'll know for next time"

there wasn't going to be any next time i thought in my hea. plus who needed a school that couldn't appreciate my " no coming up for breath technique"

but, what if i would have made it.

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