Sunday, February 21, 2010

Why yes. I am pretty genius thank you very much!

My life is consumed by a vile thing which i call...schoolwork. thinking high school is tough? well you have seen nothing yet, your life is yet to be consumed and your soul sold to the devil. It all makes sense really, umm in a weird, twisted way!

so the other day i happened to be flying in a plane because that's just how i roll, you know the usual! and i was checking my email on the plane thousands of feet above the ground and it dawned on me how awesomely amazing that is. words of praise for my creator came out of my mouth. Who would have thought that it would be possible to be flying above the clouds, sending out emails and drinking sprite, all at the same time. I would have told you you were crazy! looking out the window, buildings looked like specks of light floating in the air and i was that much closer to the stars and the heavens. i know it makes no sense to believe that i was that much closer to God, and therefore my prayers would be heard better but seriously who in all that amazement could pass such an opportunity to be thankful for all they've lived and seen. words often fall short of describing emotion even though that was why words were created to begin with.

Now if i may be excused, I've got some Hobbes to catch up with. For reals i think that guy was genius but i also think I'm genius, so who am i to judge.

I swear i meant the other Hobbes, the dude who wrote Leviathan. but they're pretty genius too.

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