Monday, February 22, 2010

party in the masjid...ok noo, not really!

" you wanna go pray maghrib with us?
"yea sure ok, lemme go dress. it'll take a moment"

notice my dad only said we were gonna go pray and nothing further. any normal person, (such as i) puts on anything and goes. which was exactly what i did. i had my pjs some yellow socks, with my purple flats and i was ready to roll! apparently my dad forgot to tell me we were also going to be attending a dinner!!!

last time i was here and went to that masjid to pray it was only my family, only mine. like we almost had to make my 4 year old sister imam, only us. so imagine my shock to find half the community there, and that my dears was their first impression of me. lovely.

seriously though thinking about it, i was fine standing infront of God and praying in my not so best but i cared more about what people thought? in my defense though: God doesn't judge me according to what i wear, so HAH!

yahh, jokes still on me.

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  1. lol fantastic :-)

    Yeah, parents are totally like that...