Saturday, March 28, 2009

One step at a time

When i first started this blog and even before that, i would think about how i would make an impact in this world and do something productive, something fulfilling. unfortunately, this is how i usually start anything, with a lot of enthusiasm which over time eventually wanes down. It doesn't help either that I'm interested in anything and everything and wish i could do it all from photography, painting, to writing that one book!!

So just the other day i went to hear this guy talk and i swear it felt like he was directing what he was saying at me, " persistence is one of the most important things, goes right along with intentions and such" he says. Another thing he said was " think big but start small" oh how true, it's fine to think of your long term goals, or whatever goals but when one starts its better start little by little, instead of trying to do everything at one time and crash at the end.

so in short I'll be back on the blogging scene, and I'll be walking the talk ...hopefully!

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