Sunday, March 29, 2009

Today was the day i decided to go to the YMCA and be adventurous, yes, you heard right. Adventurous. i decided to go try out the workout machines. the same one's that i have not been on for years. People looking at me would tell me that there was no need for me to work out, " Ahh your fine" they say, thinking in their minds that i wanted some attention that was all. but after months of going up the stairs at university and stopping at the top to catch my breath i decided that i needed to put a stop to this, plan superbod begins!!

I got there and headed for the machine room or whatever its called. I got to one machine and felt almost confident enough to give it a try. Hey it looked simple enough, just set a time, put the age in and what not, and make like your half jogging or something. I thought I'd start with 15 minutes, not too little and not too much. It was just a warm-up after all, i would get into the deep stuff later. After entering all the info. required and pressing the ENTER button i started my challenge only to realize 1 minute and 36 seconds into it that i couldn't do it, but as the brave and persistent person i am i keep moving. 2 minutes and 10 seconds, now i really can't take it. I already feel like I'm in a desert and my legs are made of jelly. i pause for a moment to realize " hey, i was doing this wrong, i was going backwards!!" I hop back on and do it right this time. sadly, those 15 minutes were the first and last of the workout session. walking on solid ground again was like a miracle. Kiddy pool here i come.

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