Monday, September 26, 2011

When religion doesn't cut it

There are moments when you become literally speechless because of how shocked you are. I shouldn't have been shocked, I shoulda seen it coming. but that's what we do, stay in denial as long as we possibly could until it's thrown directly in our face and telling us "OK LOOK!" and then we have no other option but to do just that.

One of my closest friends, who i consider to be technically my sister was skyping with me the other day and the topic came to how much we've changed these past couple of years and she decided to tell me that she's agnostic. To her, religion wasn't something she thought of as rational and all the rules and regulations are probably pointless to a lord who loves us all regardless probably could care less. There could be many different paths and she could not fathom the whole inclusion and exclusion process. Knowing that we are very similar I respect her questioning process, not so much the illogical arguments.  Like her i am not the type of person to take something to be just that because i was told it was so, or that authority claimed it to be. I have been through my own period of questioning but the outcome and reality i came to was totally different than hers. Which is why i wasn't sure where to start with her or how to proceed on such a delicate topic. I feel though that speaking to each other after so long and actually opening up about how our religious beliefs as a whole have changed has made us hopefully more open to discussion.

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