Wednesday, September 7, 2011

"Was I disrespectful to Obama for saying that he didn’t say anything when the Israeli military bombed Gaza for seven days and killed 900 innocent civilians? ‘Cause he didn’t. So that’s not disrespectful. To say I didn’t vote for him, that’s not disrespectful either — that’s exercising my right to not cast a ballot for a system that I don’t necessarily believe in. It’s more of a corrective critique as opposed to me just trying to be an asshole. I didn’t believe that he had the power to change the system, which is what needs to happen. I don’t look at the color and I don’t look at the historical significance. Just because you’re black doesn’t mean you’re going to save the world. There are no superhuman qualities about us; we’re all human, able to make mistakes and be hypocrites, [and] also at the same time do great things."

Lupe’s answer when told that on “Words I Never Said” was pegged as disrespectful due to his criticism on Barack Obama.

I respect this man. 

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