Friday, September 2, 2011

Mission Statement

I vow to be a servant of God, one who always tries and takes a step forward in her life and through her seeking of knowledge. 
I promise to be a student of life, one who learns from her mistakes and leaves the past for that. 
One who always takes hold of an opportunity when it hits. 
I will try and leave the judging of others up to God and worry about how i portray my actions first and foremost. 
I will do my best but i will also realize and come to terms with the fact that some things are not in my hands to change, and others, that if God hadn't answered my prayers for them, it was for the better. 
I will not stand silent to injustice and oppression. 
I will stand for the truth even if my voice shakes doing it. 
I will count my  blessings and honor the people who love me. 
First and foremost, i will not simply exist but i will live, breathe and inhale the beauty of life which God has in his generosity granted me. 


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