Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Waking up in the morning feeling like...

Waking up in the morning feeling like.... a giant bruise.
So the other day i started taking a womans' self-defense class, and I'm so glad i did.
It's such an empowering feeling, not to mention every woman should know what to do if put in an unpleasant situation.

Yeaaaa, it's true that when your in a given situation where you need to defend yourself things never play out like when you studied them or practiced them, but at least you'll have some tools to work with, and that counts.

So starting the class, it made me realize how much i need to exercise. I stretched my bodies in ways i never knew possible, and it's painful in joints that i never knew could hurt.

An interesting experience.

I was surprised though, when speaking to some of my friends they just laughed. For the guys it went something along the lines of " there are guys to protect you, why do you need that for anyways." " when you're in that situation all you're going to be able to do is scream." which just made me roll my eyes. To me what was even more surprising  was when the girls said they don't need it cause they "have a whistle!!!"

So I'll definitely be continuing these classes. Maybe start a martial arts course.

wooooot body bruises here i come.

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