Saturday, November 27, 2010

I, the infidel

Why do people feel that it's their duty to pass judgment on other humans eternal abode. seriously, i think religion is a sensitive enough topic as it is for others to go and pass their judgement on you and why you are oh so wrong.  There's a difference between a discussion with intellect and just trying to prove me wrong through any way possible. Have you so secured your position in heaven to find the time to look down on others? Is that it? Oh do tell me more on my position in hell while i pretend to listen and give you some smiles followed by "sounds good" every once in a while. I get it that fear plays a big part of it, the need to justify my religions correctness by having all others as wrong but do you need to shove it down my throat. I'm not even talking about a different religion, what's that? yea you've heard correctly, just a different sect. If i may give some advise oh dear sir/ ma'am, do get your information straight before you come at me with your pointed finger and swear words from behind the computer screen. Otherwise, you just play the fool!

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  1. I think that sometimes people just forget that no matter how informative and no matter how much knowledge the might have, It will never be enough, and it'll never be the end! and that sometimes there might be a percentage where they cud be wrong! Which is why we have the "Allahu A'lam" word in our everyday dictionary!