Thursday, November 25, 2010

ambiguously writing

I feel so ashamed that this year is almost over and here i am with only 40 something posts compared to last years a 100 and something. It isn't that I'm any busier than before, because I'm not. Although i do have new stuff going on. I'm not sure if it's the stuff i want to share with the whole wide web. I'm not sure where it is i draw the line anymore of things i post and things i don't. I know it isn't many people that actually do read this and anyways it's more for my own record than anything else but then when it's not serving that purpose anymore then what's the point? I'd hate to see myself quit writing though, I've quit with the poems and stories as it is, it's sort of like this is my last link with my love for writing. so i shall keep on writing.

One thing that i have recently done was sign up to be a part of the group that leaves for Gaza from Canada in the coming spring, I'm praying praying praying that i get chosen. I'm hoping that if i do get chosen my parents will just have to face reality and let me go. we will see.
My local Amnesty International group and I are raising money to try and help in any possible way that we can in pushing the project forward. It excites me that I'm taking part in this, even if it's a small one.

moments ago i was working on an essay and currently what i have here is more than i have written for my essay. i should return back to what i was doing.

Peace and smiles :)

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