Thursday, June 24, 2010

My List of 70 Random things to do

I've always at one point or another come up with something that i wish to achieve before i die, or something that i've heard another person has done and since it was so awesomly awesome, i thought to myself " I HAVE TO DO THAT!"

It came to a point where i was like " i should just probably write down my list" so here it is

1. Graduate from university
2. become a lawyer
3. work for human rights
4. learn a martial arts
5. scream at the top of my lungs
6. skinny dip
7. go skydiving
8. bunji Jump
9. donate blood
10. run a marathon
11. write a novel
12. open a (successful) boutique
13. swim 500 yards in under 6 minutes
14. get my nose pierced
15. sleep under the stars
16. teach English in South Korea
17. find the roots of my family tree
18. Visit Japan
19. backpack through Europe
20. ride a horse in the middle of the night
21. Ride a camel around the pyramids in the middle of the night
22. camp in the Sahara desert
23. raft through the grand canyon
24. get closer to my dad
25. shower in a waterfall
26. visit Greece and Turkey
27. feed birds in Italy
28. send a message in a bottle
29. get an answer
30. plant a tree
31. fall in love
32. Marry the person I fall in love with
33. pray fajr on a beach somewhere
34. Stay out all night at a beach and build a bonfire
35. help build a house for battered women in Egypt
36. sponsor an orphan
37. Spend three months getting my body into optimum shape
38. Visit the holy land
39. learn a new language
40. learn how to make sushi
41. scuba dive in the red sea
42. Go white water rafting
43. Ride an elephant through the jungles of Thailand
44. get a job that I love
45. Ride in a gondola down the Grand Canal in Venice.
46. run for student council and have fun doing it
47. Stand on the Great Wall of china
48. learn how to surf!
49. go yak skiing
50. write an article for a major publication
51. get on the cover of a magazine
52. participate in poetry slam
53. live like a local for month
54. visit Niagara falls
55. people watch in central park
56. travel anywhere with a friend
57. ride a boat down the Nile
58. pay the toll for the person behind me
59. partake in a Japanese tea ceremony
60. visit the Prophets grave
61. drink an espresso at the chansa` le zait
62. swim in the dead sea
63. get all As in a given semester
64. make an impact on someone’s life
65. take part in the world’s biggest water fight during Thailand’s New Year’s festivities
66. Bike the Pacific Coast Highway.
67. memorize the Quran and learn its tafseer
68. milk a cow
69. make hajj inshallah
70. be at peace with myself

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