Tuesday, June 8, 2010

lets give it a C-A-R-R-O-T!!! whats that spellll! umm.....apple?

The other day we were driving a 12 hour drive to Virginia. To pass time i decided to play a game of I spy with my siblings, when it came to my little sisters turn it went something like this.

Little Sister: I spy something green!

Me: That tree.

Brother: that other tree

sister: Your shirt

Little Brother: her pillow ( pointing at my blanket)

Little Sister: No, NO you guys let me give you guys a hint. It starts with K

Brother: ummmm

Me: (Jokingly) Mama's eyes.

Little sister: YAAAA!! you win!!

Me: :S that doesn't start with K

Little Sister: Yah? but its greeeen!

No one can blame me for my spelling and grammatical errors. It's in my genes!


  1. LOL! so cute! it kind of reminds me of a McGruber skit I saw on SNL this weekend. Mcgruber goes give me the african american pen. The black was like WHAT. then he was like u know the negroe pen. Black guy was like just call it black..lol..iono

  2. loooool thats halirious!!!! too senstive i'd say :P