Tuesday, June 22, 2010

And i hope there's a pot of gold at the end of that rainbow!

This Summer was not what it was set out to be but i'm not complaining.

Started out visiting my dad and found him getting ready to move from his apartment. Seriously how much stuff do you need when your only two people in an apartment! The place was full of stuff that for lack of better words, had no use.

when i say my dad and brother can open a fishing equipment shop with all the stuff they've collected that would be an understatement.

During all that, I started teaching Arabic and Qur'an at their Masjid here. This is probably one of the most patience trying yet satisfying things to do. At times you'll have to repeat a verse 50844 times( slight exaggeration...maybe) before the kid gets it. Once they do though, and recite the whole surah back to you it feels good to know that you've helped them memorize a surah they're gonna be praying with the rest of their lives.

I figured i should also step up my religious game a bit and read Islamic books. I started from square one, Islam in general. What it means to be Muslim, and not just Sunni. I began reading into Shia, Sunni, and Sufi theology. It was interesting to say the least. I’ve read the generals but I wanted to go into historical depth. Then it became too many books to keep up with so I figured if a book should take precedence it should be the Qur'an. So Qur'an understanding and memorization it is.

Then during all that, I realized that "oh hey, I'm planning to go to law school. I need to take the LSAT exam for that". Yea, so I’m cracking open the books.

hmmmm, lets see what else.

I promised myself that i would try being healthier, and i swear its not easy! I don't know how my sister eats so much fruits. Seriously, like that has to be unhealthy or something. forget eating 5 fruits or vegetables a day. I'm trying to get it to 2 first! and running a mile everyday.

ummm, we'll see how far that goes.

Yep. so thats life.

I'm not much on the blogger scene anymore.
I barely get an internet connection as it is.

Happy 2nd day of summer Ya'll



  1. Hey that seems like a gr8 plan! but i'm thinking you'll get all messed up wid da books' reading thing, I mean ur planning to read about loadz of stuff and each topic is a story of its own!
    But Good luck "Legally Blond":D

  2. yaa true eh? I've started reading and i admit it was pretty confusing at first but then the names repeat and it sort of gets easier. I just sort of stopped for a while and picked up the Qur'an. so hows it going w you? hows summer :D