Thursday, March 11, 2010

Like, i'm like speech impaired!

Its funny how little things when pointed out can become so noticable.

The other day a friend pointed out that the group of guys with beards in the Uni kept stroking it throughout the last couple of hours. I thought it was just bluff!

so here i was today, sitting, minding my own business, when i notice the same group of guys with beards, stroking them.

i was probably sitting there for at least 3 hours and every time i glanced over THEY WERE STROKING THEIR BEARDS!

I'm guilty to say that this cracked me up.

I don't think they intentionally did that, i probably do stuff that i barely notice as well.

I say "like" a lot, someone pointed out that one time and it seemed that that was the only word i said in my sentences. like for real!


  1. haha thx, life is usually funny :P
    thx for checking out the blog