Thursday, December 17, 2009

I get this warm fuzzy feeling when i start talking about finals...not!

woooah there. I'm pretty sure i almost forgot how to write its been so long since i've last posted. So its that time of the year. finals time!! I just got back from an exam and i'm about to take a shower and catch me some ZzZZz's before i have to get back up and study. one more to go ya'll. During break i'm always like " ahh can't wait for school" and during school its " omg, when's the break gonna start" ah such is life and such are humans. never happy with what they have.
So it's almost been a year since i started this blog here. a year!!! time flies.
anyways this is just my little update to insure everyone that i, while maybe not doing so well, am alive.

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