Thursday, October 29, 2009

The swine flu story is so out of hand

Ok so I wasn't exactly mad at people not commenting, OK maybe just a little. mostly I'm giving an excuse to my lazy self not to do much. SO right when i get out of my first mid-terms i get thrown into the second ones and life goes on. I'm actually sitting in class right now listening to my prof. talk about globalization. does it deteriorate from a nations sovereignty with people becoming so interdependent on each other? what do you think? I am such a multi-tasker like that. So change of topic, we've had 150 people at my university supposedly diagnosed with the swine flu and apparently they're making it mandatory to take it next month, only one thing to say OVER MY DEAD BODY! have you heard all this stuff about it, lets just say I'm not hearing any compliments. no ones coming up going " omg, i just took the shot and I'm feeling just dandy" OK the fact that they would say " dandy" anywho... I'm not taking it. I'll see how many people die from the shot first and then I'll decide.

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